We know that breakfast is the first meal of the day, and also the most important. But depending on the country, breakfast can be different.

For example in Britain, they eat toasts with boiled or scrambled or fried eggs, bacon or mashed potatoes basked beans and sausages. That breakfast is called « Full breakfast » and not « English breakfast » . It’s famous for being tasty, but also for big contents of cooking oil.


Breakfast in Japan, is famous for being the healthiest in the world because it bring us vitamins and proteins. It’s mainly composed of a mixture of rice and raw eggs, with dry seaweed and fish.


In India, breakfast is famous for being « a breakfast which wakes you up » because it sometimes contains chilli!


Then, in Spain, it is a « pan a la catalana » or « pan con tomato ». It’s simple but really delicious.


And finally, a Philippines breakfast is composed of fruits such as mangoes, little sausages or rice to keep you in good shape and sinangag combined with eggs.


Hence, there are many different choices of breakfast in the world, so let’s try them !

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